In the early days of fatherhood, a dad learns very quickly that he’s not the favorite. This is a blog for all those dads who want a higher status, but are content to sit back and ponder all the ways their lives are different now.

The Not-the-Mama Dad Blog is maintained by Brandon and Sonja. They live in the Midwest and have a one-year-old daughter, Jebecca. Brandon has a cat named Toby. Sonja refuses to accept that she too has a cat named Toby.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Did you seriously name your daughter Jebecca?

Nope. We respect our daughter’s privacy and since she’s not old enough to decide whether or not she wants to be internet famous, we thought it was best to keep her name and face hidden.

The name Jebecca comes from the show New Girl, specifically episode 4×22 “Clean Break.”

Jess: I made you this.

Coach: Aw. [pause] It’s a bunch of pictures of you.

Jess: Well, I had to take the necessary precautions, because the last time you left, you forgot who I was.

Coach: Nah…

Jess: You called me Jebecca.

We’re so excited that in its final season, New Girl gave us a name for a boy: DanBill.

I can only assume that as we have more kids, they’ll henceforth be named George Foreman style by adding numbers after each one. I can’t wait to write stories about Jebecca 1, Jebecca 2, Jebecca 3, DanBill 1, DanBill 2. I know…I’m being ambitious about the number of kids we’ll have. But hey, I come from the corporate world. We start with the name first, then figure out the rest later.